World Education Game

Morning Glory International School Cote d’Ivoire Placed 11th in World Education Games

    Education Games is a global eductional competition event that brings together millions of students around the World in Literacy, Mathematics and Science online challenge frenzy fit for young and enthusiatic learners of all ages. The three-day cahllenge occur during World Literacy Day, World Mathematics Day and World Science Day. This huge event is organized under the auspices of 3P Learning, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), MACQUAIRE and Microsoft.

   This year, over 6,000,000 students from more than 200 countries participated.

Morning Glory International School has particpated and represented Cote d’Ivoire in the previous two event however, with greater awareness and interest, this year’s event saw more students taking on the challenge and putting in more energy. Their collective efforts yielded results; the school and country placed 11th position for the Senior High Schooll Level of the games.
The school appreciates immensely all the efforts parents and guardians dedicated to their wards during practice and contest times at home. Moreover, congratulations to all students who participated in the events and helped connect the world through learning.

Next year, the progress will continue!