Jennifer Yhaye, first youngest female pilot of Côte d’Ivoire

 Jennifer Yhaye, a Morning Glory Alumnus, inspires a generation of young Ivorians with her achievement as the youngest female pilot of Cote D’Ivoire.
Her story started in the quiet but educationally invigorating environs of Morning Glory International School – Bingerville, on a warm September morning in the year 2006. She was enrolled into the Primary school programme in Year 6.
Like many students who come to Morning Glory, Jennifer had her bag of challenges; effective use of the English language, being the biggest. However, right from the onset, she developed a sense of determination which ensured her gradual progress and ultimate success. She assimilated the school’s core values of discipline, respect, determination and perseverance and was Head Girl in her final year; a role model for her peers.
Jennifer Yhaye overcame many obstacles including staying focused on her learning during the period of crises in Cote D’Ivoire which led to moving to MGIS’s sister school Dayspring International Academy Ghana to continue her studies.
Throughout these times and after, Jennifer remained focused on her tasks, exerted energy on her dreams and graduated in excellent standing to further her education at the 43 Air School in South Africa.
In her final years in Sixth Form, she focused on a combination of subjects in hopes of pursuing a career in Aerospace Engineering; an ambition which relates closely to her ultimate choice of piloting as a profession.
Pursuing an Advanced Level academic programme developed on the Cambridge International Examinations United Kingdom curriculum, prepared her mind with relevant and proven knowledge that ensured her admission to her chosen school of higher learning whilst leaving her with the potential to gain admission into any university, anywhere in the world.
It gives us great joy to see her take to the skies as a nation and people take pride in her achievement. She is indeed a worthy ambassador and a true ‘Glorian’.
Once a Glorian, always Glorious!