DEAR February

D – Drop

E – Everything

A – And

R – Read


This is the Morning Glory school-wide reading festival which takes place annually throughout the month of February. The festival usually involves students, teachers, parents and publishers. It includes activities such as reading competitions, spelling bee, character dress-alike, classroom decoration and other similar events.

Many new dimensions such as book review / blurb were added to the programme this year. With special focus on African Literature, the festival this year was heralded by a town crier who went from floor to floor, announcing the onset of the festival with proverbs and idioms, in the typical African costume and manner. Every department prepared for the competitions with selected texts by African writers.

The DEAR February Climax was the grand finale of the programme. The competition was stiff as it was stunning to see classrooms transformed into African villages by the students. There was also the finals of the Character Dress-Alike, short presentations by winners and Award of Prizes to winners of all the other events.

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